Let’s talk about me.





Hi, My name is Anna and I’m a Polish-born girl living the American dream since 2000.

I’m a wife and mom based in a small town on Long Island, NY and  I’M A TRAVELHOLIC.

My bucket list is neverending and I’ve only just scratched its surface.  I’m always planning, always dreaming about my next destination.

I like good food, but I hate to cook, can’t resist a good dessert and my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.

I’m obsessed with perfumes and am always on a hunt for that perfect scent. My newest obsession is Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford, which is a perfect summer scent. During colder months I’m a devoted Hermes girl.

My most favorite country in the whole wide world is Italy, just love everything about it, the food, the history, the beautiful sites. My life goal is to move there one day… well at least for a year… maybe someday…who knows, a girl can dream!

Another dream of mine is to live in Paris, spend a year there and experience all four seasons. Learn to speak French, drink coffee and eat macaroons in a different caffe every morning. Watch the Iron Lady sparkle from my balcony every evening…

The most beautiful place I’ve been to so far is definitely Rio de Janeiro with Santorini being a very close runner-up.

Other than that everywhere I haven’t been yet is pretty much on my bucket list, you name it I want to go there. If I had to name my top 5 places which I want to visit sooner than later, it would be: South Africa, Morocco, Bali, Cinque Terre (Italy) and Cappadoccia (Turkey)